Identify your team's strengths and weaknesses

Tella's evolutionary mapping algorithm shows what your employees know and what they're struggling with - in real time

Through a simple onboarding process, tella takes the first snapshot of your team's abilities. Then, each time an employee receives help and learns something new, tella updates their skillset automatically.

Make everyone a power user

Tella takes off pressure from the experts in your team by creating a dynamic exchange of skills

Whenever an employee asks for help, tella's matching algorithm looks for three things:

  • Expert's availability to minimize wait time
  • Expert's level - more advanced users see the toughest questions
  • Social distance between the employees to foster new connections across departments.


Reward your employees

Tella's gamification system encourages users to learn new skills and teach them to others

Through leaderboards and newsletters of appreciation, tella fosters a community of learning and support throughout your company.


Unleash the knowledge within.

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